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Home Made  in the USA Post Shields protect your mailbox, deck,  pergola, and fence posts from damage  caused by lawn mowers and weed trimmers. Phone :321-313-1390

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Here at Post Shields, Inc. we’re committed to helping clients improve the look of their properties. Our Post Shield product has quickly become the country’s leading post protector due to its ease-of-use and durability. Whether you’re a professional landscaper looking to promote your business and protect your client’s lawns and posts, or a homeowner looking to improve the appeal of your property, our leading-class Post Shields are the ideal solution.  

We’re now inviting you to explore the many benefits of Post Shields:

These high-performance products are available at low cost and are packaged in a complete set.

Post Shields, Inc

Post Shields can be easily installed without creating damage to existing posts by not using screws, nails or tools.  

Each Post Shield is UV-protected to maximize color retention. Our products also feature a complete moisture barrier to prevent water degradation and insect infestation.

Built from rugged plastic, our products have been tested and proven to offer exceptional durability.

The customer service team at Post Shields, Inc. is now ready to help you protect your property with our cost-effective Post Shields! Purchase Post Shields online today or please contact our team directly via 321-313-1390 to place your order or speak with one of our highly qualified representatives!

Use Post Shields to promote your business and show your customers you care about their property.


Post Shields are yours for a lifetime!  If yours breaks contact us and we will replace it.

Life Time Replacement

Assemble 3 shields together and wrap around post, then slide the 4th shield in place.

Easy Install

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Post Shields Review

Mark Donovan of reviews Post Shields, a product for protecting mailbox posts, fence posts, and deck posts, in this video.